Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What I Learned This Summer- I Love Glass

A lake brown caught on glass

This year saw a major shift in the manner and rods that I fish. After a few years of being in love with my Redington Classic Trout 3 weight I've finally fallen out of love. It has a nice forgiving cast. . .

BUT- it is inaccurate as hell. It drives me crazy. I'm always ending up with casts 3 feet on either side of my target. It will cast consistently 3 feet to the right of the target, but when you overcompensate your cast it then casts three feet to the left. There is no middle ground. I'm ready to stomp it into the ground. Or sell it on Craigslist as the best rod ever.

I quit fishing an 8 weight for the Hex hatch this season. I just wanted a more delicate presentation- less line noise on the water as I lay out my casts. I mostly used my TFO Lefty Kreh Pro 5 weight. It did a fantastic job, and I caught more fish over 20 inches this year than the rest of my fishing career combined.

But for daytime fishing, some Hex fishing, hopper fishing and all my brook trout outings I had one go-to rod- my Eagle Claw 5/6 weight glass rod. I bought it for $24 a couple of years ago.

Sure it has a crappy reel seat, but who cares? It is a nice short rod with perfect action, and surprisingly accurate. It rode around in the back seat of my car FOR THE ENTIRE WINTER last year and survived unscathed. If I broke it I would have replaced it for $24.  I have managed to land some surprisingly big fish on it, including my biggest Michigan brook trout to date, a 17 incher that took me for a few rounds before coming to the net. The Eagle Claw performed flawlessly.
Not my best shot, but you get the idea. The Eagle Claw strikes again

Even with all the night fishing I did this season, I easily fished the Eagle Claw more than all my other rods this season. And contrary to the fears expressed to me by some rod builders, the Eagle Claw has only fueled my interest in buying higher end glass rods. After all, if a cheap rod like that performs that well, what will a rod built with love by a reputable builder using good blanks and ahem, a decent reel seat, fish like?

I'm eager to find out.

For a good review of the Eagle Claw Featherlight glass rods I refer you to the King of Glass himself, Mr. Cameron Mortenson. Click here.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee Break- December 1

Errrrrppphhhhhffffttttthhhh!!! Yawn, stretch, scratch, repeat. Is it Monday again? Then let's have some coffee.

Yes that is a photo of my breakfast. Those hash browns are stuffed with cheese and sour cream. And that's a half order. No I didn't eat the whole thing. I can't do that anymore. It has been several years since I've been able to do the all-American pig out. 

So what's new in the land of FR?

Well I've been working like a galley slave and moving. Now that I'm self-employed again life will be like that. I'll either be working myself to death or living a life of leisure. I finished my latest job so it's back to leisure. 

My move hasn't gone well at all. What should have been plug and play has turned into a circus of contractors, severe winter weather and county inspections. I've spent most of the last month in a hotel room. I just got my room extended another ten days. The contractor says he can set my  place Friday, which leaves me hooking up sewer, water and gas over the weekend. If the electrician comes Monday and the gas company Tuesday I could have lights and heat Wednesday. Maybe. If all goes well.

Thankfully with my work winding down I've been able to fish a little. I don't have any fish to show for my efforts, but it has been nice to get out again. I've been writing a bit. Tying flies quite a bit. I've been writing some blog posts too.
Zach tying at the cabin

This past weekend I went with my friend Zach Ginop to his family's cabin in the UP. The plan was to poke around some UP streams in search of steelhead. Friday was too cold so we just hung out and tied flies. Saturday we did said poking around only to find deep snow and unplowed roads. We fished a little, but most of the fishing in the UP will be shut down until May now. We had to drive back down here yesterday just to find open water and fishable accesses. Still with no fish to show.
unfortunately it's a snag.

The weather here has been hit or miss here lately. We had a shot of the polar vortex that dumped 45 inches of snow in a week, only to warm up and rain and melt most of it, then snow some more, then warm back up. It was warm and rainy all weekend, but 20 degrees today. I'm heading down to Tippy  dam tomorrow to see if I can find some big water fish.

Other than that I know nothing. I'm working on a few blog posts, so keep an eye out for them.

I don't know about you but my coffee break is over and I have work to do.

Let's get after it.