Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee Y'all

Hurrrggggghhhhhh- yawn, stretch, scratch, repeat. It's Monday morning, so lets have some coffee. FR coming at you live from the Deep South, Georgia to be exact. I'm down here escaping winter for a few weeks.

Yesterday while it was 13 degrees at my house, it was 70 degrees here in Athens Georgia. I went for a run and then a walk, talked to guys fishing for bass on a local river and even tossed streamers in a local lake for a bit. I have a new 8 weight salt water rod I'm in love with and a new streamer line to match. I'm thinking of heading to Florida next weekend, and who knows but I might have to toss something at a snook if I see one. Last time I was there they followed me up and down the beach like dogs.

So how could I bail on lovely Northern Michigan you ask? Easy- last winter convinced me that toughing the winters out is not my cup of tea. I don't have a  reason to stay- my daughter is grown and flown the coop, I'm once again self-employed, and if I can find a way to enjoy the best of all worlds I will.

the choice is clear
So yeah, I'm down in Georgia visiting friends and will be for the next few weeks until work calls me home again. I've gotten out fishing a couple times already (scroll down or click here for a trip report) I've caught some good fish and seen some bigger fish.

For some reason I have catfish on the brain. I used to fish for them at home and catch some nice fish, had some good fish fries. Somehow, being here in the South, it feels wrong NOT to fish for them. I'm ready to buy one of those $30 Shakespeare Cat Sticks and go sit on a muddy river bank. I had my eye on a trot line yesterday- 150 feet long, 25 hooks, $20. Now that could be entertaining. I think the South brings out my inner Huck Finn. I want to light out for the territory.

I woke up to a warm spring rain, so I'm going to stay in and write today, but I have plans to get back into the mountains after trout later this week. The fishing so far has been stellar in my opinion, and with continued warming will just get better and better. I'm told there's a black caddis hatch the last half of this month that is not to be missed.

I don't know much else. I'm working on a couple of magazine articles, plus some more blog posts. I got three posts up last week so be sure and check them out.

I'm out of coffee and it's time to get some writing done. Let's get after it.

gratuitous fish picture- brown from last week


  1. Sounds like fun and I'm envious... and yeah, I'm 'bout froze here.

    1. All I can say is I'm over cold winters. Hang in there.

  2. Nice. Like to see you getting after it and not all snowed in. Envied the blog's resurgence last week too!

    1. I've had a little time to sit down and play with it again. Hope I can keep it going.