Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Morning/Afternoon/Evening Coffee- March 2, 2015

Hhharrccchhhttt! Yawn, stretch, scratch, repeat- it's Monday, let's have some coffee.

Who am I fooling? I started this post this morning and then got busy as shown by the following productivity chart.

Anywho, it turned into a gorgeous day here in northeast Georgia- 71 degrees, sunny and pleasant. I even snuck in an hour long run. Wherever you may be, freezing your ass off, scraping your windows, shoveling that snow or stoking the fire. . . I'm not. You have my pity.

run run run

I'll keep it pretty brief today. It is March finally, which means that even if it doesn't feel like Spring yet, cracks are definitely starting to appear in the edifice of Winter. The days are longer. Daylight Savings Time ends next Sunday. The sap in the maple trees back home should be flowing soon, and the steelhead to follow.

One thing that the protracted cold followed by the onset of spring is going to do is kick off the steelhead run in a big way, so be ready. Rivers like the Pere Marquette and many others have been locked up tight by ice for quite some time. The fish have been there all along, but with no pressure they should be ready to brawl and so should you.

are you ready?

I did get out and poke around the Chattahoochee River last Friday, but between archaic rules, and the generation schedule I didn't get much time on the river, and I never did figure out what was going on. There were fish rising to midges everywhere, but my usual offerings that I use in these situations went ignored.

Sunday I followed up on a hot tip from Louis Cahill (of Gink & Gasoline) and drove up into the mountains with my girlfriend in search of a stream. That miserable map application on my phone tried to kill us both. We drove higher and higher into the mountains until it led us off onto a gravel road- a road which quickly turned to wet red clay. We had sloppy winter weather last week, which translated into 6 inches of snow in the mountains, snow which had not melted in the interim. The result was wet red clay roads covered in slush.

We made it an impressive several miles in in my little car, before a steeply banked turn slid us off into the ditch. Fortunately the road was banked away from the side of the mountain, and fortunately with a little throttle work I was able to slide my  car down and backward across the muck and out of the ditch.

From there  we made our way back out to the main road, did some reconnoitering and found the stream. It was gorgeous, though my pictures do it no justice. I'm trying to figure out a plan to go back.

I have to go back to Michigan soon to take care of business. I don't know exactly what the summer holds, but neither do you. I'd call that a level playing field.

Well, my coffee was done 10 hours ago. I hope you had a pleasant Monday. Keep dreaming of warmer weather. It's just around the corner.

Let's get after it.