Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee- June 29 2015

Yyyuuuurrrggghhh!! Yawn stretch scratch repeat- it's Monday and it's been quite awhile since I've done this, so let's have some coffee. 

Well it's the end of June and we are at the very peak of the fly fishing season. The hex hatch is in full swing on Michigan rivers and it seems like everyone is getting big fish. I'm seeing a lot of 24"+ brown trout on my social media. I got a 20" rainbow last weekend on the hex but didn't get a good picture. 
Bad shot of good fish

Everything is good right now- the top water bite for bluegills is on, bass are red hot, and the water is still cool and so the pike are biting like crazy. There's steelhead and Atlantics up at the Sault if you can make it up there. The daytime brook trout fishing is outstanding. All in all this has turned into another banner year for fly fishing. 

Yesterday I wrapped up some necessary chores, loaded up my kayak and hit the flats for carp. There was a hard southwest wind and so I paddled the north shore all the way out to Waugoshaunce Island. The roar of the surf on the south shore was deafening. 
Flats selfie

A pattern quickly emerged- everywhere there was a point, carp were stacked up, especially if there was warm water pushing past. I paused at the first point I reached and poked one fish unsuccessfully but left the water for some wading anglers and moved on. The rest of the day it was just me and the eagles. 
View from the cockpit

I found a rather spooky school of carp near another point well past the cut, but after some work I managed to stick one that took me well into my backing. Unfortunately he mucked around and blew the whole school out. 
First carp

I paddled all the way out to the far island and found a happy school of fish at another point. These fish were on a feeding frenzy. They would gang up like cows in a pasture, and all I had to do was keep a fly in front of them. I hooked up 8 times in an hour and landed five more fish. A couple of them had me sweating my Albright knot. I had a ridiculous amount of backing out and my expensive flats line was far out to sea. This happened a lot yesterday. 
Biggun on a hammerhead

Despite spending most of my time paddling I ended up landing 6 carp on 10 hookups and missed a few more bites- a stellar day in my book. Couple that with the beauty of the place, the eagles and seabirds, and the gorgeous sunset on my paddle out and it added up to my best day of the summer- so far. 

Well- I'm out of coffee and it's time for work. Let's get after it!


  1. Good to hear from you!!! Love those carp!

  2. I wondered if you stopped drinking coffee ;) Glad to see the Monday post pop up in my feed.

    1. Every now and then I see something in social media about the three of you. Nice to hear from you.

  3. I'm late to the party, but you know me. I show up sometime... =) Glad you are still paddling around on the water and on the keyboard. Take care!

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