Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee- Turkey Week Edition

GGGGGGrrrrhhhhHHHuuuuurrrkkkkk!!! Yawn, stretch, scratch repeat- It's Monday morning again, so let's have some coffee.

I see from the safe distance that is North Georgia, that Michigan and the upper Midwest have gotten their first snow storm. My social media is showing me that the streamer bite for browns is still good, and that guys are scoring on steelhead and even Atlantic salmon. If El Nino prevails then there should be some decent steelhead fishing all winter.
Between moving and other factors my fishing has been rather spotty. I spent at least a week sick, and last week my back went out and the recovery has been slow, though I'm back at 95% now.

We had a blast of rain come through last week here in Georgia so I got out Friday morning to streamer fish as the water was dropping. I had a couple of really stellar days a couple weeks back when the clouds and drizzle stuck around, but Friday even the stain in the water couldn't offset the bluebird skies. I missed a couple of teener fish and caught three smaller fish. I've been throwing Deceivers, conehead Madonnas, a zoo cougar etc. but by far my best producer this fall has been a muddler minnow. My biggest fish have come on it, though I've missed or lost a couple monster browns on a white deceiver.

one from last week
fatty from two weeks ago

I bought a couple used Orvis reels off of Alex Cerveniak this summer, but never figured out how to switch the retrieve on them for this south paw, so I braved the Atlanta traffic and took then into the Orvis store in Buckhead. Aaron was extremely helpful, and even helped me out with directions to some less traveled fishing spots and fly patterns. This isn't some sort of sponsored plug; I just appreciate good service when I get it. I can't wait to get out and try some spots, and I really love the fact that it's possible to catch fish on a dry every month of the year here.

I have a couple of new posts in the pipeline, and should have a new one up on Gink and Gasoline soon. Dan Frasier has some good thoughts on the impact of social media on fly fishing on the GnG website, so be sure and check that out.

It's going to be a busy week and I have turkey recipes to look up. Happy Thanksgiving and have a great week. Let's get after it.


  1. Wow, I somehow missed that you had moved! That being said, I've never heard anyone being thankful for Georgia fishing except Owl Jones. Keep us posted on how it goes and Happy Thanksgiving J.

    1. Will do Howard. Happy Thanksgiving. The fishing here isn't Michigan, but it can be pretty cool.

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