Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee- December 7, 2015

Huuuuurrrrrrggggggpppphhhhh!!!! Yawn, stretch, scratch repeat- it's Monday again, so let's have some coffee!

Well, if you didn't see them, I did manage to get a couple of posts up last week. One about Georgia vs. MI fishing, one about fishing with my good buddy Chris Reister during the Hex hatch, and the third is a video showing how trout take flies.

That last one is important and I highly recommend you go back and watch it. I know I learned a lot.

So far it appears the Eastern U.S. is having a mild start to the winter. Daytime temps here in GA are in the 50's and 60's, but even MI is in the 40's- perfect weather for steelhead, and maybe even streamers and brown trout.

Down here in Georgia the weather has been perfect but I haven't been able to get out. They had blow out rains in the mountains during the week, though I'm sure the rivers have dropped back to where they need to be. The delayed harvest sections would have to be fishing well (delayed harvest is a new concept to me. They stock certain streams in the fall/winter but take isn't allowed until spring) and I'm sure the Toccoa is fishing well. Georgia extended its trout season year round, so I want to go find some brook trout water soon. I'd love to hold one of those native gems.

I'm heading to Florida over the holidays and planning to spend some time fishing the salt, so I'm trying to get some tying done in preparation. I'm hoping there's a snook down there that knows my name. I'd take a jack crevalle in a pinch.

some saltwater treats

I'm working on another post about GA vs. MI, probably another fishing tale from the last two years and I should have another post on Gink and Gasoline sometime soon here. Depends on his schedule. I'll keep you posted on it all. I hope you get out fishing this week. If not watch some YouTube videos and organize your flies or something.

My coffee is gone and it's time to head to work- Let's get after it!

baby steelhead from a couple years ago


  1. I actually drank my first cup ever this weekend. I wasn't a fan.

    This coffee however, I can sip this coffee.

  2. I never drank coffee before. I come for the entertainment.

  3. Why does Howard have to one-up me?